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A beginner’s guide to extreme sports

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Exactly which activities constitute an extreme sport is open to debate. Generally speaking, any recreational or sporting activity that is done at speed, height or depth and involves a high degree of risk. A lot of physical effort and the use of specialised equipment may be considered an extreme sport. Extreme sports can be carried out alone or in teams, on land, in the air or in water. Some of the activities now falling under the label of extreme sport, such as rock climbing, have been popular for centuries. Others, such as skydiving or snowboarding, are much more recent innovations.

Why do extreme sports

Taking part in any physical activity can have beneficial effects on your health and well-being. While regular exercise can improve your fitness, participation in an extreme sport requires a whole other level of commitment. By its very nature, an extreme sport demands a level of skill beyond that of a normal sport.
This proficiency can only come with constant practice and many extreme sports enthusiasts strive for perfection. But why else would you take part in something where your life could in danger? In stressful situations, your body will release adrenaline, the fight-or-flight response. This adrenaline high is what many extreme sports enthusiasts crave for.

Which extreme sport

There are many extreme sports to choose from. If you enjoy the thrill of heights, why not try hang gliding, paragliding or skydiving? Is speed your thing? Try motorsports like motocross or rallying, or use two wheels for BMX and mountain biking. More of a water baby? Try surfing, wakeboarding, water-skiing or canyoning.
Do you have a love for adventure or just fancy a challenge? To get started, take lessons either with a good coach or at a school. It always pays to learn the basic techniques involved in your chosen sport and then practice. Finally, make sure you have the right equipment and enjoy yourself.

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